We offer several orientation and training sessions for board members and other volunteers.  We provide the session at your site, and we can customize the program to fit your needs.

Ready, Set ... Go! for Board Members

CFRTI has developed an orientation session targeted towards new board members or committee volunteers.  Known as Ready, Set … Go! for Board Members, the session is designed to last 90 minutes and can be delivered to as many as twenty-five participants.

The board orientation session will give participants an understanding of the operations of a community foundation and effective practices of good governance.  Topics presented include:

  • History of Field and Current Challenges
  • Community Foundation Business Models
  • Typical Funds Offered by Community Foundations
  • National Standards for Community Foundations
  • Legal and Regulatory Issues
  • Financial Reporting and Budgeting
  • Administrative Fees on Funds and Operational Sustainability
  • The Importance of Internal Controls
  • Types of Gifts
  • Investment Management
  • Spending Policies
  • Grantmaking And Scholarship Selection
  • Strategic Planning and Establishing Goals

Training for Finance and Investment Committee Members

Participants will learn in-depth information on administrative revenue and budgeting, cost analysis, auditing, the Form 990 and investments.  This course is designed for board members and volunteers with finance or investment committee responsibilities.  Also included with be a discussion of governance responsibilities for finance and/or investment committee members.

Training for Fund Development Committee Members

This course will provide more in-depth information for board members and volunteers with responsibility for fund development efforts.  Topics covered include donor targeting, donor stewardship, planned giving tools, and working with professional advisors.  Also included with be a discussion of governance responsibilities for fund development committee members.

Customized Training

We have the expertise and experience to provide you with customized training solutions to help you and your staff.  Do you need training or professional development for your staff, your board or your volunteers?  Give us a call, and let's see if we can work out a solution.